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Dennis Razis M. D.

Personal Quote....

Dennis Razis M. D.



Dennis V. Razis M.D.

Clinical Specialty: Medical Oncology
Current Title: Oncologist Emeritus Founding and Honorary Member


Areas of Scientific Interest

  • Medicine – mainly Oncology
  • Structure and Organization of Medical Services in Greece
  • The Ecological and Social crisis in relation to Human Nature

“Graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens, Greece.

Clinical and Research work in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology in well known Hospitals in the USA [Illinois Research and Educational Hospital, Cook Country Hospital (Chicago, Illinois), Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center (N.Y., N.Y.), Roswell Park Memorial Hospital (Buffalo, N.Y.) for seven years]
He organized the Cancer Institute of Piraeus “Metaxa” where he served as President of the Scientific Committee, member of the Board of Directors, and Director of the First Medical Oncology Clinic in Greece.

A large number of Greek Medical Oncologists was trained in the Cancer Institute of Piraeus. Also, Cancer Research was promoted for the first time in Greece in the Cancer Institute of Piraeus.
He worked in the Private Hospital Hygeia in Athens, where he served as President of the Scientific Committee, President of the Board of Directors, Director of the First Medical Oncology Department in the private sector and organized the first Ethical Committee in a private hospital in Greece.


He has published more than 1000 articles, in Greek, European and American Journals and Newspapers, referring to Medicine, Structure and Organization of Medical Services in Greece. Furthermore he has published on the Ecological and Social Crisis, particularly as it relates to Human Nature.

He founded the Delphi Society of which he presides since 1995. The Delphi Society organized two International Interdisciplinary Congresses with the participation of well known Scientists and some Nobel Laureates. Since 1996 the Delphi Society organized monthly scientific meetings in Athens on topics related to the social and ecological crises that threaten life on the planet with the 6th mass extinction.

He published four books in English:
Two on the socio – ecological crisis:

  • The Human Predicament – An International Dialogue on the Meaning of Human Behavior (Prometheus Books, New York, USA).
  • THE HUMAN PREDICAMENT II – Ecological Dynamics and Human Nature. The risk of a mass extinction of life in the planet. (Edited: Greek Ministry of Culture).

and two on Medical Topics:

  • Medical Ethics and/or Ethical Medicine. Dennis V. Razis, MD Professor George Mathe, and M.Jodeau-Grymberg. Editors: SCIENTIFIC ELSEVIER, PARIS, 1989
  • Cancer: Present Advances and Future Perspectives. Sharon Kleefield Ph.D and Dennis V. Razis MD. This book is included in the US National Library in Washington, DC.

Dr Razis is a permanent member of the International Academy of Humanism, a society with a strictly limited number of members (80) from all scientific fields. These members are very prominent scientists, some Nobel Laureates. He also is a member of the European Federation of Humanism.

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