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Effrosini Vlachou RN

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  • Effrosini Vlachou RN

Born in Athens in 1989, she studied nursing at the Higher Technical educational Institute of Athens graduating in 2011. She did her residency in Evanglesmos Hospital Followed by one year service in Intensive Care Unit. She joined COT in 2014 and became an active member of team working in...

Effrosini Vlachou RN

oncology nurse

Effrosini Vlachou

Current Position: Oncology Nurse, Prescriber of the Contemporary Oncology Team.

Born in 1989, Effrosini Vlachou, finished high school in Perama in 2007. Then, she continued her education in the Department of Nursing at the Technical Training Institute of Athens.

During her studies, she completed a six-month internship program, in the General Hospital of Athens: “Evaggelismos”, where she was employed at the Oncology Unit for two months.

After completing her studies, she worked for one year at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the General Private Clinic of Piraeus: “Piraiko Therapeftirio”.

She joined the Contemporary Oncology Team in January 2014, where she was currently employed as a full-time prescriber. In November 2014, she was appointed as one of the oncology nurses of our team, a position that she holds until today.

Mrs. Vlachou, shows great interest for Research, participating in many programs, such as the “Emerge” study (a research program for metastatic breast cancer patients) and registries for patients with brain tumors. She also participates in the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (Q.O.P.I) of ASCO, enhancing the team’s effort to improve the services we provide to patients.

Additionally, she is a volunteer at the Centre for Disabled Children in Voula since August 2010.


  • 2nd Greek Congress of Oncology, 2008.
  • First Pan-Hellenic Scientific & Professional Congress of Nurses Union, 2008.
  • 3rdNational Conference on Atherosclerosis, 2008.
  • 15th Cardiology Nursing Conference, 2009.
  • 4th National Conference on Atherosclerosis, 2010.
  • BLS/AED Provider Course at the Technical Training Institute of Athens 2010. Recertification from the Greek Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Company, 2014.
  • Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Certificate Online Course – Oncology Nursing Society, (ONS), 2015, in progress.

She speaks fluently Greek, English and Italian.