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Olympia Spyri RN, MA

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  • Olympia Spyri RN, MA

Born in Athens in 1983, She studied nursing at the Higher Technical educational Institute of Lamia graduating in 2006, and doing her residency in Metaxa General Hospital. She volunteered as a rescuer in the 2004 Special Olympics. She completed a Masters degree in health management from the...

Olympia Spyri RN, MA

oncology nurse

Olympia Spyri

Current Position: Oncology Nurse
of the Contemporary Oncology Team

Born in Athens in 1983. She studied Nursing, at the Higher Technical Educational Institute of Lamia from where she graduated in 2006 after presenting a thesis about breast cancer and radiotherapy that scored the highest grade.

Her residency was at the General Hospital “Metaxa” in Athens and she was then hired by the hospital as a nurse in the 2nd Oncology department. In 2004 she was a volunteer at the special Olympics as a rescuer.
In 2009 she had a Masters Degree in Health Management from the Open University of Uninettuno in Italy.

Olympia Spyri has been a Member of the Contemporary Oncology Team since 2009 as a nurse at the Rigillis Office.


  • Nursing Issues and Challenges, 2002 National and Kapodistria University of Athens
  • Surgical Infections, 5th Panellenic Board of Nursing Students 2003
  • Nutrition and Osteoporosis, 2004
  • Participated at the 6th Panellenic Board of Nursing Students 2004
  • 9th Panellenic Breast Cancer Board
  • 5th Breast Cancer Conference, Metastatic Cancer, 2005
  • 16th Conference of Clinical Oncology, Crete 2008
  • Psychological Rehabilitation of the Oncology Patient, Metaxa Hospital 2009