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** Please note that online appointment request does not guarantee an immediate booking as this depends on the schedule of the oncologist. The appointment will be booked at the erliest possible time, and you wil be contacted by our front office staff.

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Appointments & Registration

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Our office hours are from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. and we only accept patients by appointment. The time of the appointment can vary depending on the day and the doctor you will see. To make an appointment, please contact us at

  • Tel. +30 210 6815855 +30 210 7216993
  • Fax +30 210 7213207

Or send us an Email with your name and preferred date and time at Or use the link “Appointments” to the appointment form in the top ribbon of the home page.

Although we make every effort to give you an appointment at the time you call us, sometimes it is not possible to respond immediately, and we need to note your request and call you within 24 hours with the available hours.


On the day of your first visit and before meeting your oncologist, one member of our staff will give you the following forms to complete:

  • Contact form for registration of information, insurance and confidentiality for the management of personal data.
  • Questionnaire about your medical history and any medications you may be currently taking.
    You will need to complete these forms before your visit. Patient care staff members are at your disposal to assist you if you wish.

Patient ID Card

After the appointment with your doctor, the secretary will give you a patient ID card. This card will have your unique patient number.

You should have this card with you or have it ready when you call us, as we use the unique patient number to make all bookings and other actions in the clinic’s electronic system.

The use of a unique patient ID ensures that all examinations are recorded in the correct patient record to avoid issues with similar names.