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** Please note that online appointment request does not guarantee an immediate booking as this depends on the schedule of the oncologist. The appointment will be booked at the erliest possible time, and you wil be contacted by our front office staff.

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Test Results

Test Results

In order to properly monitor the progress of your treatment, your attending oncologist will ask you yo undergo blood tests and other examinations periodically. These tests must be undertaken on time and their results are to be communicated to your physician as soon as possible. You can do this in any of the following ways:

1. By Email

This is the fastest, most convenient, and safest method. All you must do is attach a copy or a photo of the test results to an email that you send directly to your oncologist’s box. Only he or she will see it.

These emails are controlled in accordance with the COT and GDPR privacy and security policies and are only accessible to your oncologist

2. By Fax

If you do not have access to email, then faxing is the next most convenient way to send test results. Use our fax number and make sure the fax sent is an accurate and complete copy of the results

3. In Person

You can also bring a copy of the exam to our offices personally

Once we receive these results, a member of our team will contact you after your doctor evaluates them. We will also contact you if it is necessary to make any changes to your treatment or change your next appointment. In the unlikely event that you send your test results by email or fax but do not receive our news within 24 hours, please call the office and ask if we have received your test.

At your next visit to your doctor, remember to have all your recent test results with you, even if you have already sent them to us. In case of imaging examinations, we urge you to bring your previous examinations, so that your doctor can compare all your examinations and evaluate your progress. You should also have the instructions given to you by your doctor the last time you were at the doctor’s office.