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** Please note that online appointment request does not guarantee an immediate booking as this depends on the schedule of the oncologist. The appointment will be booked at the erliest possible time, and you wil be contacted by our front office staff.

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Consultation & Diagnosis

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Consultation and Diagnosis

The finding of a tumor is the starting point of a journey in which close interaction between the patient and the oncology team will yield the best possible results..

During your initial visit the oncologist will be informed of your medical history and medical details of your initial diagnosis. If this is not enough to make an effective care plan, your oncologist may ask you to undergo a series of additional tests to determine your exact condition. These tests will lead to the correct staging and will help in designing the ideal treatment plan. This could be a wide range of tests, from hematological to complementary medical imaging, endoscopy and biopsy. They may even include genetic tests.

The members of our team, such as the associate doctors, the oncology nurses and patient support staff will guide patients by helping them schedule these additional examinations and plan the next steps with the patient and their relatives. This helps to speed up obtaining the definitive diagnosis and to start treatment, if deemed necessary.