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Patient Satisfaction

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Patient satisfaction has been recognized as one of the key indicators of the quality of healthcare. In particular, caring for cancer patients requires a high level of interaction between the patient and the oncology care team, due to the complexity of patients’ needs
Patient satisfaction was studied in the context of a master thesis, the purpose of which was to examine the factors related to patient satisfaction and to identify areas in which improvement is needed to meet patients’ expectations and needs and to reenforce their perception for the quality of the provided health services.
A total of 308 COT patients completed a patient satisfaction questionnaire between January and March 2020. The average overall COT patient experience score was 9, ranging from 5 to 10 with an average of 9.19. The largest percentage of “not very good” impressions was observed for the waiting time for the start of the appointment in the practice. Patient satisfaction with nursing care, medical care, and service costs was independently correlated with the clinic’s excellent overall score. In addition, most patients stated that they value quality certifications for private clinics, while expressing satisfaction with the cost of services.
The qualitative analysis underlined the high level of patient satisfaction with both the scientific and human aspects of their care and showed how much they value the doctor-patient relationship.
The important finding of the research is that it underlined the importance of the human element in the effort to improve cancer care.
We thank all our patients who participated in the research, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to continuously improve and meet your expectations.
* The above study was done in the framework of a diploma thesis MBA program of Mr. Poufos Theodoros.For more information, press here