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Patient Education & Family Support

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Support and Education of Patient and Family

Besides the patient himself, the lives of patients’ families and their loved ones are usually also affected by the disease. Support of those influenced is a must and may frequently require the contribution of specialists such as psychologists, child psychologists, sociologists etc. Our team collaborates with several professionals and non-profit organizations that are active in these fields. Though we are always sensitive to look for such issues, our patients and their families should also feel free to consult us on this matter.

Sometimes cancer is advanced and the patient above all needs supportive care and palliation of the symptoms of the disease. Though this area of treatment has been neglected in the past, the role of the oncologist in this phase is as important as in the treatment phase. Our team works closely with patient families to ensure the best possible quality of life for the patients at all the stages of the disease course.

Related Services

In addition to providing extensive oncology services, our practice also offers patients and their families’ comprehensive support that helps them face and overcome many of the challenges of their disease. Our physicians will help identify the causes of physical, practical or emotional difficulties and will suggest ways to alleviate them or recommend that the patient consult other specialists in any of the following fields:

  • Social and Psychological Counseling
  • Wellness Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Nutrition and Dietary Planning

Some of the above services are provided by voluntary or non-profit organizations with experience in cancer patient support.