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** Please note that online appointment request does not guarantee an immediate booking as this depends on the schedule of the oncologist. The appointment will be booked at the erliest possible time, and you wil be contacted by our front office staff.

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    Contemporary Oncology Team

    First Quality Certified Oncology Practice in EuropeFounded in 1964 by Dr. Dennis Razis as the first private oncology practice in Greece, Contemporary Oncology Team continues to provide advanced and personalized Cancer care. Learn More
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    QOPI Certification

    World Class Cancer Care at Your DoorstepQOPI Certification is awarded only to oncology practices that deliver the highest quality of cancer care to their patients.Learn More
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    Your visit

    An Opportunity to be InformedYour visit is a unique opportunity for your oncologist to become informed in detail about your condition. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions that you may need answered.Learn More
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    Our Services

    Our specialists provide a wide range of cancer care services Covering all aspects of disease and utilizing up-to-date knowledge and technologies, thereby giving patients the best care optimizing chances of survival and reassuring priority to quality of life.Learn More
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    A Trusted partner for your patient careWe are proud that leading physicians in Greece and Europe trust us with their patients and we are keen on providing feedback on their condition upon patient request.Learn More


Contemporary Oncology Team was founded in 1964 by Dr. Dionysis Razis as the first private oncology practice in Greece. Continuing the pioneering activities of its founder, the team consists of four highly qualified Oncologists with many years of clinical experience in Greece, the USA and the UK and Switzerland. In addition the practice also has fulltime Specialized internist. Young doctors and nurses help to address the problems of our patients. Finally, the administrative staff supports team. The team has an expanded network of collaborations with doctors but also with non-profit organizations so that the patient can access specialties such as psychologist, social worker, physiotherapist and dietitian.
The Contemporary Oncology Team is a proactive practice that aims to provide not only the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic medical services to cancer patients but also provide them and their families with ongoing integrated support.It is our strong belief that to deal with cancer, a patient not only needs to fight the disease in the clinical field but also needs the personalized attention of a professional team of people  who will support both him and his family in many other aspects ranging from physical wellness, to nutritional support, to maintaining emotional and psychological balance.
This website aims to assist our patients and their loved ones in acquiring helpful information about their condition as well as the practical guidance they need in order to obtain the best possible quality of care.  It will also provide them the latest scientific information on the disease, new clinical trials and research programs that are relevant to their case.

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