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Cancer Therapy

Cancer therapy


Modern and evidence based cancer therapy, requires the cooperation of many different medical specialists. Surgical treatment, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, therapy with biological agents combined or not with best supportive care, could all be needed, depending on the cancer type and stage.
A Medical Oncologist is the specialized doctor who will inform the patient regarding the appropriate treatment options. Following this, the Medical Oncologist will bring together all the relevant specialties in order to offer the patients the best available treatment for his case.

Below you will find some basic information regarding different kinds of treatment:

Surgical Intervention
Its aim is either to totally excise the tumor in early stages of cancer or to reduce the tumor burden in order for other treatments to become more effective. It may also be used for palliative purposes.

It uses cytotoxic radiotherapy against rapidly dividing cancer cells. It can be offered either combined with surgical treatment and chemotherapy or as a sole treatment. It can be especially used for pain relief in painful areas affected by cancer (i.e. bones).

It consists of a variety of cytotoxic agents against cancer. Chemotherapy administration requires long lasting training and it is exclusively provided by a medical oncologist.

Hormonal therapy – Biologic agents
These are therapies targeting specific tumor characteristics i.e. sensitivity to sex hormones or even targeting a specific molecular mechanism involved in cell division. We are happy to provide any further information required regarding cancer as well as its diagnostic and therapeutic methods.