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George Rigakos

George Rigakos

Clinical Specialties

Medical Oncology

  • Lung cancer
  • Head and neck cancer
  • GI cancer

Current Title

  • Consultant, 3rd Oncology Department

  • M.D. with distinction (Honours Degree) University of Athens 2003
  • M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine, University of Athens, Medical School, 2010
  • Internal Medicine SHO/Sp.Reg University of Athens, “LAIKO” University hospital 2008 – 2011
  • Medical Oncology Sp.Reg. – “ALEXANDRA” University hospital 2011 – 2014
  • Medical Oncology Clin. Fellow / locum Sp. Reg. Royal Marsden Hospital, London, 2014

  • European Society of Medical Oncology ESMO Examination Certificate 2014
  • Specialty of medical oncology certification (July 2014)

  • Full medical license in Greece (ISA)
  • GMC full registration (ref no 7449906)

  • Greece
    • Athens Medical Association (2007)
    • Hellenic Society of Head and Neck Oncology (HeSHNO)
  • European Union
    • European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO). (ID 39646)
  • United States of America
    • American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
    • International Association for the study of Lung Cancer (IASLC).

Dr Rigakos has been a sub-investigator in more than 20 phase II and III clinical trials

Dr. Rigakos is the principal or co-author of 11 publications in peer review / high impact academic and professional journals and of 13 abstracts in international oncology conferences.

A complete list of Publications

  1. A Case of Fiber in an Ovarian Cyst G.Rigakos, S.Labropoulos, I.Evangelou, D.Giannopoulou, M.Kordoni, E.Razi. Forum of Clinical Oncology, Vol 1, No 1 2010


  1. Evaluation of the association of PIK3CA mutations and PTEN loss with efficacy of trastuzumab therapy in metastatic breast cancer. Razis E, Bobos M, Kotoula V, Eleftheraki AG, Kalofonos HP, Pavlakis K, Papakostas P, Aravantinos G, Rigakos G, Efstratiou I, Petraki K, Bafaloukos D, Kostopoulos I, Pectasides D, Kalogeras KT, Skarlos D, Fountzilas G. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2011 Jul;128(2):447-56. Epub 2011 May 19.


  1. BRCAness: Finding the Achilles Heel in Ovarian Cancer. G.Rigakos E.Razis. Oncologist. 2012;17(7):956-62. Epub 2012 Jun 6.


  1. Newer Therapeutic Agents for Urogenital System Tumors. F.Stavridi, G.Rigakos, E.Razis. Journal of Medical Annals (Hygeia Hospital Monthly Edition), 2012; 16(3): 791-795.
  1. EGFR gene gain and PTEN protein expression are favorable prognostic factors in patients with wt-KRAS metastatic colorectal cancer treated with Cetuximab. E.Razis, G.Pentheroudakis, G.Rigakos, M.Bobos, G.Kouvatseas, O.Tzaida, T.Makatsoris, P.Papakostas, M.Bai, A.Goussia, E.Samantas, D.Papamichael, O.Romanidou, I.Efstratiou, E.Tsolaki, A.Psyrri, W.De Roock, D.Bafaloukos, G.Klouvas, S.Tejpar, K.T. Kalogeras, D.Pectasides, G.Fountzilas. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology. 2014 Mar, doi: 10.1007/s00432-014-1626-2. Epub 2014 Mar 5.


  1. Brain Tumors. G.Rigakos, E.Razis. The Doctor. 2015:18:64-65.


  1. Unusual .mandibular metastasis of bladder cancer in a patient and two synchronous malignancies, bladder cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia, in a single lymph node. A case report. C.Liakou, M.Georgiou, T.Georgiadis, G.Rigakos, S. Lampropoulos, E.Razis. Case Reports in Clinical Pathology, 2015, Vol. 2, No. 4.


  1. Neoplastic meningitis: clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, radiology, diagnosis. G.Rigakos , C.Liakou, N.Felipe, D.Orkoulas-Razis, E.Razis. Cancer Control (under press).


  1. Cancer of unknown primary ultimately diagnosed as male breast cancer: A rare case report. G.Rigakos, A.Vakos, S.Papadopoulos, A.Vernadou, A.Tsimpidakis, D. Papachristou, E.Razis Molecular and Clinical Oncology. 5: 263-266, 2016.


  1. Extracranial and diffuse bone marrow metastases from Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma: a case report and review of the literature. A.Assi, A.Huang, G.Rigakos, S.Papadopoulos, Th.Georgiadis, E.Vrakidou, C.Dardoufas, S.Lampropoulos, P.Nomikos, E.Razis. Neuro-Oncology Practice (submitted 2016).


  1. E2F-1 overexpression is related to decreased proliferation and favorable prognosis in adenocarcinomas deriving from Barret’s esophagus. Th. Mariolis, G. Rigakos , K. Evangelou, C. Kounoudis, G. Veloudis, P. Giannopoulos, G. Zografos, A. Kotsinas, V. Gorgoulis 26th panhellenic congress of surgery, international surgical forum 11/2008, Athens Greece.


  1. Overexpression of replication licensing factor cdc6 suppresses E-cadherin expression R. Zakopoulou, M. Sideridou, P. Galanos, K. Evangelou, K. Nikiforou, K. Tsimaratou, G. Rigakos, S. Gagas, R. Aggelopoulou, A. Kotsinas, C. Kittas, V. Gorgoulis 12th panhellenic pathology congress 6/2010, Thessaloniki Greece.


  1. Observation of the frequency of MGMT methylation, BRAF V600E mutation and IDH1/2 mutations in a Greek brain tumor cohort I. Grossi, G. Rigakos, S. Lampropoulos, F. Stavridi, N. Tsoulos, G. Nasioulas, E. Papadopoulou, P. Nomikos, E. Razis; 10th EANO 2012 conference 9/2012, Marseille France


  1. Evaluation of criteria for the safe hospital exit of radioactive iodine 131Ι treated patients with thyroid cancer D. Koumoutsea, I. Megeas, V. German, E. Antoniadou, P. Thalassinou, G. Rigakos, P. Zagarelos, I. Koutsikos, A. Zoumpoulidis, A. Xatzioannidis 40th panhellenic congress of endocrinology and metabolism, 4/2013, Athens


  1. Two cycles of adjuvant carboplatin in stage I seminoma: 8-year experience by the Hellenic Co-operative Oncology Group (HeCOG). K. Koutsoukos, M. Liontos, M. Lykka, G. Rigakos , A. Andreadou, Ε. Efstathiou, Α. Koutras, A. Papatsoris, M. Chrisofos, K. Stravodimos, I. Adamakis, C. Alamanis, V. Karavasilis, T. Makatsoris, E. P. Galani, G. Klouvas, P. A. Kosmidis, G. Fountzilas, M. A. Dimopoulos, A. Bamias ASCO 2013, Chicago, USA (accepted for poster presentation abstract no 4558)


  1. Enzalutamide (ENZA) in heavily pretreated patients with bone metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC) resistant to Androgen Biosynthesis Inhibitor (ABI) Treatment . The Hellenic experience of the Name Patient Access Program (NPAP). Preliminary Report E Bournakis, R Gyftaki, E Kafantari, E Razis, G Rigakos, K Stravodimos, D Mitropoulos, A Bamias, MA Dimopoulos, E Efstathiou (accepted as poster for ESMO 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands)


  1. MGMT methylation, BRAF and IDH1/2 mutations and EGFR variant III detection and their association with bevacizumab treatment. G Rigakos, O Spyri, P Nomikos, F Stavridi, I Grossi, I Theodorakopoulou, A Assi, G Kouvatseas, E Papadopoulou, G Nasioulas, S Labropoulos, E Razis (accepted for presentation In SNO 4th Quadrennial Meeting of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology 11/2013,San Francisco, USA)


  1. BRAF mutation as a biomarker in malignant gliomas. Α.Vernadou, G.Rigakos, E.Bourkoula, A.Tsimpidakis, S.Papadopoulos, G.Nasioulas, T.Poufos, E.Fotoglou, S.Labropoulos, E.Razis.
    Poster at the EORTC-EANO-ESMO Conference: Trends in Central Nervous System Malignancies. 27-28 March 2015, Istanbul, Turkey.


  1. Belaboring the obvious? Hypercalcemia due to primary hyperparathyroidism in cancer patients. CI.Liakou, L.Hadjiyassemi, G.Rigakos , A.Tsimpidakis, S.Lampropoulos, E.Razis. Poster presentation at the 4th European Congress of Internal Medicine. 4-16 October 2015. Moscow, Russia.


  1. ATRX can occur in IDH wild-type GBM. A.Vernadou, E.Skarpidi, G.Rigakos , S.Papadopoulos, V.Kourvelos, S.Labropoulos, E.Razis. Poster at the 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Neuro-Oncology, November 19-22, 2015, San Antonio, Texas, USA.


  1. New Fields in the patient record: a tool or a nuisance? I.Theodorakopoulou, K.Stathaki, T.Poufos, E.Vlachou, O.Spyri, L.Hadjiyassemi, G.Rigakos, S.Labropoulos, I.Prasini,, E.Razis. Poster at the 2016 ASCO Quality Care Symposium. February 26-27. Phoeniz, AZ, USA.


  1. Mutation characteristics in high-grade gliomas.V.Kotoula, E.Razis, E.Giannoulatou, E.Vrettou, E.Charalambous, G.Kouvatseas, I.Tikas, S.Papadopoulos, S.Papaemmanoyil, G.Rigakos, T.Zaramboukas, O.Romanidou, G.Iliadis, P.Nomikos, P.Selviaridis, K.Polyzoidis, G.Fountzilas. Abstract at the SNO 2016 Congress.


  1. Confirmation of TERT promoter mutation role as a prognostic marker in a greek cohort with glioma. Α.Vernadou, G.Nassioulas, G.Rigakos, S.Papapadopoulos, A.Tsimpidakis, P.Nomikos, S.Lampropoulos, E. Razis. Poster at the 5th Quadrennial Meeting of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies (WFNOS). May 4 – 7, 2017. Zurich, Switzerland.


  1. Improvement of treatment toxicity grading for patients of the Contemporary Oncology Team according to the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE) through ASCO’s Quality Training Program (QTP). G.Rigakos, I.Theodorakopoulou, E.Vlachou, S.Labropoulos, L.Chatziyiasemi, M.Kordoni, O.Spyri, K.Stathaki, T.Poufos, E.Razis. Poster at the 2017 ESMO meeting Madrid, Spain (submitted).


  1. Improvement of quality in patient care for the Contemporary Oncology Team through participation and certification in the Quality in Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) G.Rigakos, I.Prasini, I.Theodorakopoulou, E.Vlachou, S.Labropoulos, L.Chatziyiasemi, M.Kordoni, O.Spyri, K.Stathaki, T.Poufos, E.Razis. Poster at the 2017 ESMO meeting Madrid, Spain (submitted)


Scientific Interests

Dr Rigakos is keen on clinical management of patients and is pursuing continuous updated education on matters of state of the art diagnosis and treatment options. He participates very often as invited speaker in oncology conferences with a particular interest in lung, Head and neck and GI cancer.

Academic Education

Dr Rigakos is involved in professional education and training through teaching seminars and delivering lectures to Oncology Candidates in courses organized by the Greek Academy of Oncology and the European School of Oncology.


Dr Rigakos is fluent in English.

Personal interest

volunteering (Hellenic Red Cross member delegation leader in international youth camps), sailing, hiking