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** Please note that online appointment request does not guarantee an immediate booking as this depends on the schedule of the oncologist. The appointment will be booked at the erliest possible time, and you wil be contacted by our front office staff.

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Patient Service Staff

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Elena Fotoglou

Born in Athens in 1985, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Media from the Higher Technical Educational Institute of Patra graduating in 2011. In 2008 she joined the Contemporary Oncology Team and is now the Patient Service Supervisor at the 3rd Oncology Department of Hygeia Hospital. She is currently studying a postgraduate (MSc) course “Health Care Management” at the Hellenic Open University.

Kyriaki Sidira

Chara Karakasoglou

Born in Athens in 1985, she received an “Executive Secretary” diploma from the London College of Management in 2002. Since then she has worked as an office manager and executive secretary in multinational companies and private healthcare practices. In May 2019, she joined the Contemporary Oncology Team as a medical records officer at the office of Kifissias Av.