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QOPI Certification

QOPI is an initiative of the American Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO, the world’s leading academic and professional organization concerned with cancer treatment. This initiative recognizes oncology practices that committed to delivering the highest quality of cancer care to their patients.

QOPI certification is achieved through a two year process of audit and assessment of the practice, clinical performance, safety record and quality of patient service. This process is conducted on site by a select team of Oncology professionals who inspect practice operations, records and staff qualification and training using US benchmark standards. Certification means that the practice meets or exceeds these standards

Contemporary Oncology Team applied for certification in 2014, and was subject every six months to audits of organization, workflow and patient charts. This was followed by visit of the certification team headed by an experienced oncologist and program auditor/administrator. The certification was granted in May 2016 and was the first outside the USA.


Led by Dr. Evangelia Razi the certification was a collective effort involving all members of Contemporary Oncology Team. Patient care improvement is a continuous function that is undertaken by a permanent QOPI team consisting medical oncologist Dr. Rigakos, Oncology Nurse Vlachou and Administrator Theodorakopoulou.

To learn more about QOPI certification program visit link

Oncology Quality Assurance Training Program

QOPI certification is valid for three years after which, the practice has to undergo re-certification. This means that patient care quality maintenance and improvement is a continuous process, that require staff dedication and repeated training. This is accomplished through participation in ASCO Quality Training Program which provides our QA team with the following advantages

  • Empowers practice team to improve clinical care and operational performance
  • Teaches team how to balance Quality improvement projects with maintaining full involvement in demanding schedules and competing priorities
  • The program prepares your QA team to design, implement, and lead successful QI activities in busy practice settings.
  • Gives the QA Team access to renowned faculty and coaches during sessions of in-person learning.
  • Learning then continues over 6 months of on-demand, remote coaching sessions.
  • These training programs, enhances the QA team skill-building with real-world clinical scenarios
  • Ensures that staff information and experience remain current and introduces them to advances in oncology research