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Quality Training Program

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Quality Training Program

The quality education program Training Program ( QTP ) of ASCO enables the quality assessment teams of oncology clinics to master techniques of continuous evaluation and quality improvement through the recognition of a key point of quality deficiency and the completion of a pilot program to resolve it using quality improvement tools. Our team chose to participate in QTP to further enhance quality vigilance in our practice.

An in-house team was formed to receive this training in the US for a period of six months from August to December 2016. The team formed by members of our staff under the oncologist Dr. George Rigakos and included one Oncology Nurse and an Administrative Manager


ASCO Quality Training Program provided the quality assurance team with the opportunity to perfect continuous quality assessment and improvement techniques. This allowed them to:

  • Improve clinical care and business performance.
  • Align quality improvement projects with competing priorities.
  • Successfully design, implement and supervise quality upgrades in busy clinics.
  • Have access to the teaching staff and QTP managers during and after the training.